MICHAEL KORS launches wechat app on cellular phone

Chinese consumers are becoming more mature, international fashion luxury brands from Kaijiang Tuo soil to deep plowing, more and more brands aware of the Chinese market for many years the importance of the customer base of precipitation, have invested energy to optimize the brand existing customers Maintenance and service. In the past, all kinds of fresh marketing offensive to help the brand to obtain a lot of eyeballs and even fans. But when the initial completion of the market education, the brand must also be more serious and serious thinking, how to avoid the consumer “is always greener”, how to run a good customer base.

To light the brand MICHAEL KORS, for example, the brand recently launched a small class of service WeChat, trying to increase the focus on daily operations to help the brand to enhance the existing fans sticky, enhance brand loyalty and quality of service, and ultimately, Have a direct impact on the brand influence and brand sales conversion rate.

MICHAEL KORS has been in a strong position in digital innovation, in 2013 became the first in the Instagram advertising brand. The Asian market, led by China, is one of the most important development markets for MICHAEL KORS. Last year, brand mainland sales reached 1.4 billion yuan, with total sales up 62% year-on-year. The brand’s digital innovation in the Chinese market continued Plus:

In 2014, MICHAEL KORS for the first time in the WeChat allows users to upload photos through the exclusive personalized All Access Kors image of the special interaction.

Fashion luxury goods industry

Michael Kors is proud to announce that Michael Kors officially opened the first service class in the fashion luxury industry on August 31, 2017, leading the industry in the forefront of the trend, in the brand of digital innovation On the new milestone.

Michael Kors is the first service class in the fashion luxury industry, hosting the Michael Kors Greater China Member Loyalty Program for millions of orders Michael Kors) customers to create a light way of life, and provide multiple brand courtesy, and improve after – sales service and professional fashion consultant.

Michael Kors is the only Chinese fashion luxury industry to achieve the Greater China (mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao and Taiwan), online and offline (China official online boutiques and offline boutique) member database and courtesy fully open up Of the brand, whether it is member information, transaction data or courtesy information, can be real-time calculation, online and offline multi-terminal real-time synchronization.

The revival of the light luxury brand Michael Kors

Net sales of retail channels grew 10.1% YoY to US $ 619 million, mainly due to the increase in 67 stores and companies from the first quarter of fiscal year 2017 to recover franchise in Greater China. Comparable sales fell 5.9% year on year. Net sales of wholesale channels fell 23% YoY to $ 303 million. Licensed operating income fell 5.6% YoY to $ 28.9 million.

From the regional point of view, the total market revenue in the Americas fell 8.2% to $ 634 million, at a constant exchange rate, down 7.9%; European market revenue fell 10.2% to 201 million US dollars, at constant exchange rate, Down 7.5%; Asian market revenue grew 60.2% year on year to $ 117 million, up 61.9% at constant exchange rates.

Gross margin fell 2.8% to $ 574 million and the gross margin was 60.3%. Which contributed 10 basis points to the exchange rate factor. The gross margin for the same period last year was 59.9%.

Operating profit of $ 149 million, accounting for 15.7% of total revenue. Operating profit for the same period last year was $ 186 million, accounting for 18.9% of total revenue.

Owned MKHL net profit of 125 million US dollars, diluted earnings per share of 0.8 US dollars, exceeding the company had expected 0.6 US dollars, the tax rate of 16.4%. The net profit attributable to MKHL for the same period last year was $ 147 million, with diluted earnings per share of $ 0.83 and a tax rate of 21.2%.

As of July 1, 2017, the company has 979 retail outlets in the global market, up from 771 in the same period last year, including 838 direct stores (including franchise stores) and 141 experienced by authorized partners Store (including franchise stores).

Mansur Gavriel first women’s series

When the major luxury fashion brand in the decline in sales and reduce the size of the busy when the bruised, the creation of only five years of American handbag brand Mansur Gavriel has recently released the first women’s clothing line.
It is noteworthy that, Mansur Gavriel this choice is not optimistic about the industry that is to buy that mode. Therefore, when other brands are released in the spring and summer of 2018 series, Mansur Gavriel released for the 2017 autumn and winter clothing, the purpose is to allow consumers to immediately after the purchase to wear. It is reported that the clothing line mainly includes cashmere knitted tops, pants and jackets, etc., rich in color, priced at 295 US dollars to 1490 US dollars between. As the price close to the people, style wild, most of the series of products sold out immediately after the show.

In fact, this is not Mansur Gavriel for the first time a performance myth. In mid-2013 Mansur Gavriel released the first handbag, immediately won the fashion bloggers favor and in September the same year to become one of the most exposed fashion week handbags. At the end of 2014, Mansur Gavriel new handbag once released, only one hour to sell 95% of the inventory, we can see that the first series of clothing sold out immediately is expected.
However, some analysts have pointed out that Mansur Gavriel’s clothing line in such a short period of time may be sold out with the number of each clothing is very little, and as the first clothing line, the brand hopes to create a gimmick, as much as possible cause the industry attention.

Michael Kors’ first Chinese Popstar

With the Chinese luxury goods market on the global luxury fashion industry driven more and more obvious, the major luxury fashion brands have contributed to the Chinese market, and star-like KOL-based marketing means has become a move to attract Chinese consumers stepping stone. In the case of

Earlier foreign reports also pointed out that in China, KOL marketing is gradually replacing the TV and paper media advertising and other traditional marketing methods. In the case of

According to fashion headlines statistics, beginning to the beginning of this year, there have been more than 16 luxury fashion brands invited Chinese stars to serve as their ambassador or spokesperson, such as Burberry Wu Yifan, Dior Angelababy, Bally Tang Yan, and the latest one Is a light brand Michael Kors on September 12 announced Yang Mi for its history in the world’s first spokesperson, which is Yang Mi’s first light luxury brand endorsement.

Yang Mi in the social media microblogging has more than 70,000 followers, is China’s most “with cargo” one of the stars, the industry known as “with goods Queen”, appeared in the Chinese version of Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia and L’Officiel and other mainstream magazines on the cover. “John Mi is one of the most influential leaders in China, and young people like her to wear Michael Kors’ clothing, and I’m glad that she has become our brand ambassador,” said John D. Idol, chairman and chief executive officer of Michael Kors.

Michael Kors girls with talent and beauty

September 13, 2017, MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION 2018 Spring Series Fashion Show was held in New York at Spring Studios. The designer frees us from the busy workplace, allowing us to quickly switch from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan to blowing the sea breeze and listening to the lively leisurely state of the waves. Goose this take you to Malibu, Beverly Hills with them to feel the sunshine beach.

The show layout as a whole fresh, bright. T station with full of natural flavor of the wood paved paved, accompanied by falling from the window to the light, people reminding us of scenes already in the sunny sun room, particularly relaxed.

Michael Kors believes that vacation is a very important part of life for people, but he found that in the heat wave at the same time often see most people in order to cool, and wear slovenly or too casual. How to fight against high temperatures at the same time without losing elegance and beauty? So he put the summer tropical resort scene as a palette, with a fresh color of the thin sand cage, to show the magic is also true vacation time.

Thin tulle, as if the breeze blowing over. Rose, wisteria and cornflower faint color is gentle to make people heart, linen leno and georgette, wrapped in dress, with the same color of the plant flowers, low-key but also highlights the natural style; tie-dye elements to soft Material and color with a better transition reflected.

New York street fashion from Michael Kors

Body with the color can also wear a sense of hierarchy! The secret lies in the impact of clothing material. Although the power of a large power selection MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION 2017 autumn and winter body gray shape, but knitted shirt, Zou yarn fold skirt, suede boots material delicate and glossy collision are just right.

Yang Mi choose MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION Bancroft series of fight color handbag travel, simple yet dignified atmosphere, Baoshen loose and not loose, perfectly set off the Yang Mi holiday in the lazy leisure, elegant and stylish temperament.

Playful sweater and denim skirt, fashionable RHEA ZIP star rivet shoulder bag, coupled with the classic Chelsea boots, girls holiday travel modeling on the Yang Mi should be in line! So the shape of youth New York’s sun is not as bright as her.

Little black dress legend is still popular, Yang Mi of course, also different from the election. The body inlaid metal rivets, which cleverly formed in the skirt form of gold ratio line, MICHAEL Michael Kors2017 autumn and winter series of metal inlaid dress in the little black skirt stand out, exquisite details and complicated craftsmanship to create a color of the best choice.

Michael Kors launched 2018 glasses series

Michael Kors (Michael Kors) introduced a new series of glasses, the classic contour lines and modern aesthetic style perfect blend in one. This season, every one of the glasses are excellent craftsmanship and exquisite details of the decoration, such as the new collision color lens or pearl color decoration details, and brand logo complement each other, showing elegant and charming charm.

Havana has a light fine cone-shaped metal mirror legs, the brand best-selling style Adrianna I design inspiration. Silver / dark turtles frame with silver mirror legs and green plain lenses; rose gold / light pink frame with rose gold mirror legs and bright rose gold lens; black / gray crystal frame with black mirror legs and purple mirror lens; gold / deep Tortoiseshell frame with gray gold mirror legs and purple mirror lens.

Procida has a fine conical metal mirror legs, smooth machine division style glasses lines, filled with modern fashion charm. Optional rose gold, silver, gray gold and black.

Cabo is a line of rounded machine division style glasses, exquisite double beam design, fine cone metal mirror legs, elegant and dynamic both. Branded best-selling Kendall II design inspiration, optional black with light purple / dark purple gradient mirror lens; gray with blue / orange gradient lens; gold with gold and silver mirror mirror lens.

2018 spring and summer fashion week

2018 spring and summer fashion week quietly ended, did not see enough small partners please raise their hands ~ today’s poster Jun for everyone to inventory about 2018 spring and summer fashion week “seven most” from the most grounded design, the most romantic environment to the most Seductive show field guests, newspaper friends may wish to leave a message, talk about this season you are most impressed by which one!

Local time on September 13, Michael Kors 2018 spring series fashion show held in New York at Spring Studios, many Chinese and foreign stars to the scene show. And one of the most watched or the newly appointed Michael Kors global brand spokesperson Yang Mi!

The day before the show, Michael Kors also held a press conference in New York, officially announced that Yang Mi became the world’s first brand spokesperson MK, this day happens to be a large power of 31 years old birthday, the significance of extraordinary.

Conference site, Yang Mi chose a combination of elegance and cool skin skirt look, dress skirt long skirt smooth skin, the success of weakening the boring tone of the black tone. Wide belt embellishment is highlighted slim waist tall body ratio, foot with the same material for the widening of the leather material with high-heeled sandals, to maintain the overall color of the same time also make leg lines become more smooth, and finally matched with A silver pearl necklace, elegant shape more refined. Power of the power of the power has finally been internationally recognized!

MICHAEL KORS releases Sexy Ruby perfume series

London local time on September 21, 2017, designer Michael Kors as host appeared MICHAEL KORS Sexy Ruby perfume conference, for London to bring a charming night.
Mr. Michael Kors believes that the Sexy Ruby perfume series is inspired by a group of bold women who know what they want and to work for them.
The conference site in London city center, a unique diversity of interaction, so that guests from the multi-sensory Qin Sexy Ruby fragrance of the environment. Tonight’s DJ Collyer Twins’s delight in bringing the atmosphere to a climax.

MICHAEL KORS is a world-renowned, award-winning luxury jewelry and clothing designer, named after the company was founded in 1981, the world has more than 770 stores, covering 85 countries and regions. The current MICHAEL KORS brand includes MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION, MICHAEL Michael Kors, MICHAEL KORS MENS series, the product covers men and women clothing, accessories, footwear, fragrance, swimwear, glasses and watches, and ladies jewelry. MICHAEL KORS has always delivered China, refined and confident JET SET life attitude, to provide consumers with exquisite and compatible, classic and modern luxury lifestyle experience.