MICHAEL KORS releases Sexy Ruby perfume series

London local time on September 21, 2017, designer Michael Kors as host appeared MICHAEL KORS Sexy Ruby perfume conference, for London to bring a charming night.
Mr. Michael Kors believes that the Sexy Ruby perfume series is inspired by a group of bold women who know what they want and to work for them.
The conference site in London city center, a unique diversity of interaction, so that guests from the multi-sensory Qin Sexy Ruby fragrance of the environment. Tonight’s DJ Collyer Twins’s delight in bringing the atmosphere to a climax.

MICHAEL KORS is a world-renowned, award-winning luxury jewelry and clothing designer, named after the company was founded in 1981, the world has more than 770 stores, covering 85 countries and regions. The current MICHAEL KORS brand includes MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION, MICHAEL Michael Kors, MICHAEL KORS MENS series, the product covers men and women clothing, accessories, footwear, fragrance, swimwear, glasses and watches, and ladies jewelry. MICHAEL KORS has always delivered China, refined and confident JET SET life attitude, to provide consumers with exquisite and compatible, classic and modern luxury lifestyle experience.

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