2018 spring and summer fashion week

2018 spring and summer fashion week quietly ended, did not see enough small partners please raise their hands ~ today’s poster Jun for everyone to inventory about 2018 spring and summer fashion week “seven most” from the most grounded design, the most romantic environment to the most Seductive show field guests, newspaper friends may wish to leave a message, talk about this season you are most impressed by which one!

Local time on September 13, Michael Kors 2018 spring series fashion show held in New York at Spring Studios, many Chinese and foreign stars to the scene show. And one of the most watched or the newly appointed Michael Kors global brand spokesperson Yang Mi!

The day before the show, Michael Kors also held a press conference in New York, officially announced that Yang Mi became the world’s first brand spokesperson MK, this day happens to be a large power of 31 years old birthday, the significance of extraordinary.

Conference site, Yang Mi chose a combination of elegance and cool skin skirt look, dress skirt long skirt smooth skin, the success of weakening the boring tone of the black tone. Wide belt embellishment is highlighted slim waist tall body ratio, foot with the same material for the widening of the leather material with high-heeled sandals, to maintain the overall color of the same time also make leg lines become more smooth, and finally matched with A silver pearl necklace, elegant shape more refined. Power of the power of the power has finally been internationally recognized!

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