Michael Kors launched 2018 glasses series

Michael Kors (Michael Kors) introduced a new series of glasses, the classic contour lines and modern aesthetic style perfect blend in one. This season, every one of the glasses are excellent craftsmanship and exquisite details of the decoration, such as the new collision color lens or pearl color decoration details, and brand logo complement each other, showing elegant and charming charm.

Havana has a light fine cone-shaped metal mirror legs, the brand best-selling style Adrianna I design inspiration. Silver / dark turtles frame with silver mirror legs and green plain lenses; rose gold / light pink frame with rose gold mirror legs and bright rose gold lens; black / gray crystal frame with black mirror legs and purple mirror lens; gold / deep Tortoiseshell frame with gray gold mirror legs and purple mirror lens.

Procida has a fine conical metal mirror legs, smooth machine division style glasses lines, filled with modern fashion charm. Optional rose gold, silver, gray gold and black.

Cabo is a line of rounded machine division style glasses, exquisite double beam design, fine cone metal mirror legs, elegant and dynamic both. Branded best-selling Kendall II design inspiration, optional black with light purple / dark purple gradient mirror lens; gray with blue / orange gradient lens; gold with gold and silver mirror mirror lens.

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