Michael Kors girls with talent and beauty

September 13, 2017, MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION 2018 Spring Series Fashion Show was held in New York at Spring Studios. The designer frees us from the busy workplace, allowing us to quickly switch from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan to blowing the sea breeze and listening to the lively leisurely state of the waves. Goose this take you to Malibu, Beverly Hills with them to feel the sunshine beach.

The show layout as a whole fresh, bright. T station with full of natural flavor of the wood paved paved, accompanied by falling from the window to the light, people reminding us of scenes already in the sunny sun room, particularly relaxed.

Michael Kors believes that vacation is a very important part of life for people, but he found that in the heat wave at the same time often see most people in order to cool, and wear slovenly or too casual. How to fight against high temperatures at the same time without losing elegance and beauty? So he put the summer tropical resort scene as a palette, with a fresh color of the thin sand cage, to show the magic is also true vacation time.

Thin tulle, as if the breeze blowing over. Rose, wisteria and cornflower faint color is gentle to make people heart, linen leno and georgette, wrapped in dress, with the same color of the plant flowers, low-key but also highlights the natural style; tie-dye elements to soft Material and color with a better transition reflected.