Mansur Gavriel first women’s series

When the major luxury fashion brand in the decline in sales and reduce the size of the busy when the bruised, the creation of only five years of American handbag brand Mansur Gavriel has recently released the first women’s clothing line.
It is noteworthy that, Mansur Gavriel this choice is not optimistic about the industry that is to buy that mode. Therefore, when other brands are released in the spring and summer of 2018 series, Mansur Gavriel released for the 2017 autumn and winter clothing, the purpose is to allow consumers to immediately after the purchase to wear. It is reported that the clothing line mainly includes cashmere knitted tops, pants and jackets, etc., rich in color, priced at 295 US dollars to 1490 US dollars between. As the price close to the people, style wild, most of the series of products sold out immediately after the show.

In fact, this is not Mansur Gavriel for the first time a performance myth. In mid-2013 Mansur Gavriel released the first handbag, immediately won the fashion bloggers favor and in September the same year to become one of the most exposed fashion week handbags. At the end of 2014, Mansur Gavriel new handbag once released, only one hour to sell 95% of the inventory, we can see that the first series of clothing sold out immediately is expected.
However, some analysts have pointed out that Mansur Gavriel’s clothing line in such a short period of time may be sold out with the number of each clothing is very little, and as the first clothing line, the brand hopes to create a gimmick, as much as possible cause the industry attention.