Fashion luxury goods industry

Michael Kors is proud to announce that Michael Kors officially opened the first service class in the fashion luxury industry on August 31, 2017, leading the industry in the forefront of the trend, in the brand of digital innovation On the new milestone.

Michael Kors is the first service class in the fashion luxury industry, hosting the Michael Kors Greater China Member Loyalty Program for millions of orders Michael Kors) customers to create a light way of life, and provide multiple brand courtesy, and improve after – sales service and professional fashion consultant.

Michael Kors is the only Chinese fashion luxury industry to achieve the Greater China (mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao and Taiwan), online and offline (China official online boutiques and offline boutique) member database and courtesy fully open up Of the brand, whether it is member information, transaction data or courtesy information, can be real-time calculation, online and offline multi-terminal real-time synchronization.