MICHAEL KORS launches wechat app on cellular phone

Chinese consumers are becoming more mature, international fashion luxury brands from Kaijiang Tuo soil to deep plowing, more and more brands aware of the Chinese market for many years the importance of the customer base of precipitation, have invested energy to optimize the brand existing customers Maintenance and service. In the past, all kinds of fresh marketing offensive to help the brand to obtain a lot of eyeballs and even fans. But when the initial completion of the market education, the brand must also be more serious and serious thinking, how to avoid the consumer “is always greener”, how to run a good customer base.

To light the brand MICHAEL KORS, for example, the brand recently launched a small class of service WeChat, trying to increase the focus on daily operations to help the brand to enhance the existing fans sticky, enhance brand loyalty and quality of service, and ultimately, Have a direct impact on the brand influence and brand sales conversion rate.

MICHAEL KORS has been in a strong position in digital innovation, in 2013 became the first in the Instagram advertising brand. The Asian market, led by China, is one of the most important development markets for MICHAEL KORS. Last year, brand mainland sales reached 1.4 billion yuan, with total sales up 62% year-on-year. The brand’s digital innovation in the Chinese market continued Plus:

In 2014, MICHAEL KORS for the first time in the WeChat allows users to upload photos through the exclusive personalized All Access Kors image of the special interaction.